Congrats Class of 2015

Congratulation to all graduates of 2015! I was so happy to be one of them. Yup, I graduated from my college last Friday. Yet, I’m not quite done with the educational journey. It’s the beginning of a new journey. I graduated from a community college with an AA degree in Radio and Television broadcasting. I also got accepted to San Francisco State University under Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts.

Prior to the graduation, my friends and I were beyond excited. We talked about it everyday. There were total of eight of us who graduated this year so we decided to all stand next to each other and walked the stage at the same time (our friends were complaining about it because they lost their voice from cheering for us since we were back to back lol)
The ceremony started at 6pm but we came super early (yes we were very excited)


Getting ready but first let us take a selfie


After we put on our gowns
Then, we just lined up behind the stage and waited to walk out. Of course more photos 😀
 With my bestie. We went to the same high-school, graduated from college under the same major and both got accepted to SF State (of course same major lol)

My German bestie (She says I’m German at heart and I approves she’s Asian at heart ^^)
My fav “ate”. Congrats on getting accepted to your top choice school! (She was also my right hand person when I was still president of International Club)
I couldn’t explain my feeling when we walked outside, greeted by our professors, friends and family. I was proud of myself and my friends. It was very emotional I thought I would cry.


Shine bright everybody <3
Me among the students with highest honor (meaning we got 4.0 GPA)


 There were total 7 of us (but one didn’t come I guess)
 The moment we all waited for 😀


Me hugging my club advisor. She helped me a lot during my 2 years being president. She’s more like my mentor.
After the ceremony, graduates and their family were invited to snack and drink at our school cafeteria. I didn’t ate much because I went out and ate with my family. We went to the cafeteria anyway but mainly for more pictures.
With my mom (I think she cried when I was on stage for my 4.0 GPA recognition. I know she’s proud of me so much. Love you, mom)



My International Club friends. We got our country flag sashes as presents from the club.
I still couldn’t believe I’m done with community college. Honestly, at first I thought community college was just a stop for me to a 4-year institution. However, during my 3 years here, I’ve learnt so much and made unforgettable memories. I never regret going to a community college and will never try to hide the fact. I’ve met all the closest friends of my life, inspiring people with biggest hearts. I’m now ready for whatever is waiting for me ahead.
For all the 2015 graduates out there, congrats and good luck!