What I Use to Edit My Photos

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I’m a sucker for photo editing apps and I have a tons of them on my phone. I love to find out what apps people are using and try them. Trust me I’ve been trying so many different apps I can’t even remember. Today, I want to share with you my Top 5 Photo Editing Apps that I’ve been using a lot recently.

Four out of five apps are free but Afterlight is only $.99 and definitely worth purchasing.
1. VSCO (Android; Iphone)
Many of you might be familiar with this one. I’m sure everybody is talking about it. VSCO is a favorite of many famous Youtubers and Instagramers. This app is super easy to use with a lot of pretty filters. My favorite filter is S2. It comes with some free ones but you can always purchase more filters depends on your liking. It might be expensive but they usually have deal on a bundle so you can get many filters for discount price. Another thing I like about it is its gallery. 
Look like this. Very similar to Instagram so you can check whether your editing matches your theme or not This is not so relevant anymore since VSCO updated their app.

2. Afterlight (Android; Iphone)
This is the only “not free” app out of the five but it’s only $.99. What you get from the app is totally worth the price. It’s very similar to VSCO. The filters are more toward the cool tone feeling. So if you have a cool tone Instagram feed, I highly recommend this app. I also prefer the lighting and brightness edit in this app better than VSCO. I think it just makes the photos look better.
3. Snapseed (Android; Iphone)
I just discovered this app recently and I already fall in love with it. I use this to edit very dark photos and it works wonder without lower the quality of the photo. It might seem a little intimidated to use at first but once you play around with it, it is a wonderful tool. It has some unique filters as well. I love the Selective feature which allows you to edit one particular area of your photo.
4. Meitu Xiuxiu or MeituPic (Android, Iphone)
This is a Chinese app; it has some English and some Chinese in there. If you are familiar with photo editing apps, I’m sure you can navigate through it. This app is great to take and edit selfie. You can make your skin look better, make your eyes bigger, slim your face, remove pimples, etc. In short, it makes you pretty.
5. Picslit (Android, Iphone)
Have you heard about Instagram banner? Or see something like this?
Pretty cool, isn’t? I’ve been using it a lot for my Instagram. It adds a different touch to my feed. Basically, the app slits your photo up into pieces. Then you just upload them on Instagram in order. The app is very self-explanatory and super easy to use.
These are my favorite photo editing apps. Let me know which one you have used or if you have some other apps you want to recommend, leave it in a comment.

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  • Aww thanks for sharing! I used to be really big on photo editing apps, but now I'm too lazy, and I just use the standard instagram edit options, haha.

    Vscocam was a huge one that I used a lot. Although, I never heard of Picslit before so I learned something new.

    P.s. congrats on graduating from college! 😀 I recently graduated from it as well. Good luck on your further studies :>

    xx Courtney


  • Thank you so much <3

    I'm glad that the post is helpful for you ^^ Picslit is pretty school for instagram you should try it. And congratz on your graduation as well.

  • I absolutely love Vsco cam and After light, but never heard of the others. Thanks for sharing!



  • I love vsco can and afterlight too. Thanks for dropping by!


  • I love VSCO Cam! I'm gonna have to try some of the others you mentioned in this post 😉

    Thirteen Thoughts

  • Thanks for dropping by ^^


  • Omg, I just knew there's an app called picslit! thank you so much for the information! 😀 I like vscocam for almost everything, haha. For selfies, I like Hellocamera and Pitu!

    ieyra h. | blog