May 2016 Ipsy Glam Bag

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Hi friends~~~ I’m finally back with a new post. Sorry TT.TT I was MIA for so long. I finished with school now so I will start posting often. I have a lots planned so please watch out for all upcoming posts.
Today, I’m back with another Ipsy Glam Bag. I’m always curious about what people receive in their monthly bags so I thought you would too :D.
Here are the 5 products I got in my May 2016 Ipsy Glam Bag:

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March 2016 Ipsy Glam Bag

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Hi friends,
Hope you had an awesome week and are all ready for Easter!
And guess what?! I’m officially an ipster!!!!I finally gave ipsy Glam Bad a try after so much thoughts (well not really!) and the bag is here. I received it a week ago and thought I would share with you what I got in my March 2016 ipsy Glam Bag.

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Easter Makeup Tutorial

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Hey friends,
How has your March been so far?
Can you believe that Easter is just around the corner? 
Today, I’m super excited to share with you an Easter Inspired Make-up look. I used all the colorful and bright colors of Easter. This look is totally appropriate (with a cute outfit) to go eggs hunting on Easter. Hope you enjoy!

If you haven’t checked out my Easter Inspired Nails tutorial yet, the link is right here: click!
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Until next time,


Easter Inspired Nails Tutorial

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Hello friends ~~~

How was your weekend? And welcome back! I can’t believe the first week of March is gone 😮 This also means that…..*drum roll*…. EASTER is coming!

Seriously, Easter is my second favorite holiday of the year (Christmas is my no.1 of course lol). Why? Because everything Easter is just so adorable. I love the color scheme (c’mon who doesn’t love pastel); I love bunnies and I love eggs.

With that all being said…Today, I have a lovely nails tutorial for you. The tutorial is inspired by the pastel colors of Easter and little cute chicks ^^ I used yellow, green, pink, purple and blue for my base color but you can use any color you own, as long as they are pastel or within Easter color scheme.

On my middle and ring fingers, I drew zic-zac line across the middle of my nail to create a cracked egg shape. I used a thin nail brush that I got at Daiso. If you don’t own one, toothpick will do the job. After drawing the line, I filled it in with white nail polish.

Next, make 2 black dots for the eyes of the chick and an orange triangle for the beak. (Again, you can use toothpick if you don’t have dotting tool)

This is optional but I polka-dotted (is this a word? haha) the egg shell for colorful effect 😀

If it’s too difficult for you to draw on your left hand, you can just polka-dot your nails like I did. Still look great!

Apply top coat and you’re done!

It looks complicated but, trust me, the tutorial is pretty simple. You can also do it on your mom, friends, sisters, cousins so everybody can be festive for Easter. Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram and Twitter with #joliebee2016 if you re-create this tutorial. Also, don’t forget to check out my Easter inspired makeup look.

Comment down below and let me know what is your favorite thing about Easter!

If you haven’t checked out my last nails tutorial, the link is right here: Colorful Dotted Nails. It is another cute and easy tutorial.

Enjoy and see you next time,


Gradient Lips

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Hi friends,

As you can tell from the title, today post is a tutorial. Gradient lips have been such a huge trend in Korea and it doesn’t seem to cool down. Now in the western countries like America, people start to rock the gradient lips with different customization. Today, I want to show you how I usually do my gradient lips. This is how I do my lips most of the time because it’s cute and natural.

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Colorful Dotted Nails

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Hi friends~~

Welcome back! This is my first nail related post ever on this blog. Hope you enjoy it <3

This nail art is inspired by Jenny Claire Fox aka MissJenFABULOUS . If you love nail art, you should subscribe to her Youtube channel. She has some of the most cutest but easiest tutorials. You can get on her channel by clicking here.

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[Review] Mamonde Cover Power Cushion vs. Missha Magic Cushion

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Welcome back friends~~~

Today, I will review and compare two cushion packs: Mamonde Cover Power Cushion and Missha Magic Cushion.

Cushion compact is such a huge trend in Korea and now in Western countries as well. Cushion compacts are very convenient to bring along for touch up and super easy to apply. You just basically tap the puff in a sponge soaked in foundation and then tap the puff on your face (require some arm work-out here but you will love the finish look lol). So easy you can’t do it wrong. Cushions make your skin appear perfect yet very natural. Seriously, it makes my life so easier putting on makeup in the morning.
With the growing trend, many Korean companies came out with their own cushion products and most of them are very affordable. Today, we are going to talk about Mamonde and Missha cushion products.
Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion SPF 50+/PA +++
Price: $30 for the pact and 1 refill (Amazon)
Color: #17 Light Beige
           #21 Peach Beige
           #23 Natural Beige (my skin tone)
One down side about Mamonde products is that there is no English description on the box. However, I think this will change soon in the future as Korean products are becoming for popular in Western country.
Momonde compact has a nice fragrance. The color #23 matches my skin perfectly while brightening it. You can probably guess from the name. This cushion has a power/matte finish. Most of the time I don’t set my face with powder when using it. When I do, just only around my T-zone area. It’s pretty long lasting. You do need to touch up after 4-5 hours wear but since the compact itself is so convenient to bring with you and the application is super easy, touching up is not a problem at all.
Missha Magic Cushion SPF 50+/PA +++
Price: $19 for single pact (Missha official website)
          $27 for one pact plus one refill (Missha official website)
Color: #21 Light Beige
           #23 Natural Beige (my color)
           #27 Honey Beige (this is a new color that just recent came out; not yet available in US)
Unlike Mamonde, Missha provides English description on its box. It claims that:
    • “Micro cover pigment delivers flawless coverage to skin and silica-bead powder effectively absorbs sweat and sebum, leaving makeup last longer.


  • Including bamboo water and baobab fruit extract, it provides moisture to skin and containing witch hazel extract, it soothes and calms the skin.”
The key ingredients in this cushion are bamboo water (moisturizing skin), baobab fruit extract (giving hydrating effect) and witch hazel (sooth and calm skin which is great for acne-prone skin like mine)

Missha Magic Cushion has great coverage and is very long-lasting. It also has matte finish like Momonde cushion while still gives your skin a very nice glow. Color #23 matches my skin nicely.
Overall opinion:
(Right: Mamonde; Left: Missha)
I like both of the products because they are both very easy to use and convenient to bring on-the-go when I need to touch up my makeup. They are long lasting and have high coverage.


You can see both products can cover my acne scars and hyperpigmentation pretty nicely even without concealer. I have a lot of scars due to constant break-out but these two products give my a nice finish without putting too much make up on the skin. Both of them are very light weigh and don’t break me out. In addition, they are affordable so I would recommend it to anybody who wants to try out foundation cushion compacts.
One down side for both products (and like other Korean brands), there are not many color choices for the skin. Each of them only have 3 different color so you won’t have much option to choose from.
Also, Mamonde cushion does oxidize after 5 or 6 hours wear while Missha cushion doesn’t do that. This is why I prefer Missha cushion a little better. One last thing I want to mention is that the puff comes with Missha cushion lasts longer than the one that comes with Mamonde cushion. I wash these puffs every 2 weeks because I’m very paranoid about dirt and bacteria on my makeup tools (I have acne-prone skin and anything can break me out). Missha puff definitely holds up better than Mamonde puff because Momonde puff loses its puffiness after 2 or 3 washes.
I don’t think I will ever re-purchase Mamonde cushion (maybe I’ll try their cushions in different line) because I found that for a lightly lower price, Missha Magic Cushion performs a better job. However, I recommend both Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion and Missha Magic Cushion if you want to try out the cushion trend. Both of them are perfect to start with.
I hope you find this review helpful. Leave a comment and tell me whether you try these or not or if you’ve have tried cushion compacts from other brands!
Thanks for reading!


What I Use to Edit My Photos

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I’m a sucker for photo editing apps and I have a tons of them on my phone. I love to find out what apps people are using and try them. Trust me I’ve been trying so many different apps I can’t even remember. Today, I want to share with you my Top 5 Photo Editing Apps that I’ve been using a lot recently.

Four out of five apps are free but Afterlight is only $.99 and definitely worth purchasing.
1. VSCO (Android; Iphone)
Many of you might be familiar with this one. I’m sure everybody is talking about it. VSCO is a favorite of many famous Youtubers and Instagramers. This app is super easy to use with a lot of pretty filters. My favorite filter is S2. It comes with some free ones but you can always purchase more filters depends on your liking. It might be expensive but they usually have deal on a bundle so you can get many filters for discount price. Another thing I like about it is its gallery. 
Look like this. Very similar to Instagram so you can check whether your editing matches your theme or not This is not so relevant anymore since VSCO updated their app.

2. Afterlight (Android; Iphone)
This is the only “not free” app out of the five but it’s only $.99. What you get from the app is totally worth the price. It’s very similar to VSCO. The filters are more toward the cool tone feeling. So if you have a cool tone Instagram feed, I highly recommend this app. I also prefer the lighting and brightness edit in this app better than VSCO. I think it just makes the photos look better.
3. Snapseed (Android; Iphone)
I just discovered this app recently and I already fall in love with it. I use this to edit very dark photos and it works wonder without lower the quality of the photo. It might seem a little intimidated to use at first but once you play around with it, it is a wonderful tool. It has some unique filters as well. I love the Selective feature which allows you to edit one particular area of your photo.
4. Meitu Xiuxiu or MeituPic (Android, Iphone)
This is a Chinese app; it has some English and some Chinese in there. If you are familiar with photo editing apps, I’m sure you can navigate through it. This app is great to take and edit selfie. You can make your skin look better, make your eyes bigger, slim your face, remove pimples, etc. In short, it makes you pretty.
5. Picslit (Android, Iphone)
Have you heard about Instagram banner? Or see something like this?
Pretty cool, isn’t? I’ve been using it a lot for my Instagram. It adds a different touch to my feed. Basically, the app slits your photo up into pieces. Then you just upload them on Instagram in order. The app is very self-explanatory and super easy to use.
These are my favorite photo editing apps. Let me know which one you have used or if you have some other apps you want to recommend, leave it in a comment.

Good luck,


Congrats Class of 2015

Congratulation to all graduates of 2015! I was so happy to be one of them. Yup, I graduated from my college last Friday. Yet, I’m not quite done with the educational journey. It’s the beginning of a new journey. I graduated from a community college with an AA degree in Radio and Television broadcasting. I also got accepted to San Francisco State University under Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts.

Prior to the graduation, my friends and I were beyond excited. We talked about it everyday. There were total of eight of us who graduated this year so we decided to all stand next to each other and walked the stage at the same time (our friends were complaining about it because they lost their voice from cheering for us since we were back to back lol)
The ceremony started at 6pm but we came super early (yes we were very excited)


Getting ready but first let us take a selfie


After we put on our gowns
Then, we just lined up behind the stage and waited to walk out. Of course more photos 😀
 With my bestie. We went to the same high-school, graduated from college under the same major and both got accepted to SF State (of course same major lol)

My German bestie (She says I’m German at heart and I approves she’s Asian at heart ^^)
My fav “ate”. Congrats on getting accepted to your top choice school! (She was also my right hand person when I was still president of International Club)
I couldn’t explain my feeling when we walked outside, greeted by our professors, friends and family. I was proud of myself and my friends. It was very emotional I thought I would cry.


Shine bright everybody <3
Me among the students with highest honor (meaning we got 4.0 GPA)


 There were total 7 of us (but one didn’t come I guess)
 The moment we all waited for 😀


Me hugging my club advisor. She helped me a lot during my 2 years being president. She’s more like my mentor.
After the ceremony, graduates and their family were invited to snack and drink at our school cafeteria. I didn’t ate much because I went out and ate with my family. We went to the cafeteria anyway but mainly for more pictures.
With my mom (I think she cried when I was on stage for my 4.0 GPA recognition. I know she’s proud of me so much. Love you, mom)



My International Club friends. We got our country flag sashes as presents from the club.
I still couldn’t believe I’m done with community college. Honestly, at first I thought community college was just a stop for me to a 4-year institution. However, during my 3 years here, I’ve learnt so much and made unforgettable memories. I never regret going to a community college and will never try to hide the fact. I’ve met all the closest friends of my life, inspiring people with biggest hearts. I’m now ready for whatever is waiting for me ahead.
For all the 2015 graduates out there, congrats and good luck!