Best Drugstore Mascara For Short Lashes – CoverGirl Total Tease Mascara Review

CoverGirl Total Tease Mascara for short and straight Asian lashes

Hey y’all! *screaming* I found the best drugstore mascara for short lashes.

As you can tell from the title, in this post, I will be sharing with you my thoughts on a fairly new Total Tease Mascara from CoverGirl. But before we jump to the review, I want to talk a little bit about my lashes and what I usually look for in a mascara (!Spoiler alert: don’t click away! You’re about to find the best drugstore mascara for short and straight lashes!).

Asian lashes: what more can I say?! Mine are short and straight. The biggest problem I have with my lashes is that they won’t hold the curl. Period. Wetter formula mascara: the curl won’t stay. Too heavy formula: the curl won’t stay, either. With that said, I’m always hunting for a mascara that is waterproof but not too heavy so it can hold the curl. I also don’t like clumpy lashes; I want volumized but clump-free lashes. Needing to note that I’m a contact lens wearer so I’m always making sure that the mascara is contact lens friendly and won’t irritate my eyes.

Now that you understand my lashes situation. Let’s me share with you my opinion on the CoverGirl Total Tease Mascara.

Best Drugstore Mascara, Covergirl total tease mascara

First of all, LOOK AT THAT PACKAGING! You probably know by now that my favorite color is pink. I LOVE IT. The packaging is so sleek and cute.

With this mascara, CoverGirl brought out a new, unique (and a little weird!) designed wand. It totally looks like a caterpillar. Don’t you agree?

CoverGirl Total Tease Mascara - wand; Best Drugstore Mascara

The wand has two sides. You are supposed to use the long side to coat your lashes like you normally do with other mascaras. The shorter side, which CoverGirl calls the Teaser Comb, is used to separate your lashes without smudging the product everywhere.

The mascara claims: “Full. Long. Refined. Sexy, teased lashes!” I was intrigued. An after trying it, I was impressed.

The formula:

The one I’m using is waterproof (CoverGirl also has the Total Tease mascara in a non-waterproof formula). The consistency is a little thick but isn’t heavy at all. It doesn’t weigh down my lashes and it keeps them curl all day. The product dries out fairly quickly. Once dried, it stays put. The longest time I’ve wore the Total Tease mascara was about eight hours but I experienced no smudging and fall-out whatsoever.

Also, my eyes don’t turn red or get irritated at all so, I guess, the formula is contact lens friendly.

The application:

Given that there had never been any wands like this before, there is definitely a learning curve for first time users. The first I tried it, I was afraid that I would poke my eye with the Teaser Comb but that didn’t happen. After a few times, I got the hang of it.

I actually love the short and spacious bristles. They fan out my lashes nicely and coat each individual one evenly. After coating my lashes, I separate them with the Teaser Comb. To be honest, the Teaser Comb sounded very gimmicky to me at first, but it surprised me that it actually works. The Teaser Comb is especially helpful with those small, much neglected lashes in the corner of the eye.

This is a demonstration of my lashes without curling:

CoverGirl Total Tease Mascara - Comparison

As you can see, I didn’t curl my lashes, but just after one coat, my lashes look fuller and more defined. Notice how the mascara slightly lifts my lashes as well?

Now, let’s see how the mascara performs on curled lashes!

One coat

CoverGirl Total Tease Mascara - Comparison 1

See the magic? My lashes are definitely defined, lengthened and separated.

Two coats & lower lashes

CoverGirl Total Tease Mascara - Comparison 2

This mascara is totally buildable. There is a slight but noticeable difference between one coat and two coats.

In short:

The Total Tease mascara from CoverGirl has become my holy grail mascara. I can, now, understand why so many Youtubers are raving about this magical mascara. It is affordable but the performance is not half bad! The mascara works wonderful on my short and straight lashes. It makes my lashes look thicker but clump-free, and at the same time, lengthens and defines my tiny, sad eyelashes. The formula isn’t smudging or flaky. The best of all, it keeps my lashes curled all day love. The Total Tease mascara is definitely the one mascara that I highly recommend for those with short and straight lashes. The Teaser Comb is a total win!

Are you intrigued yet? Will you give the Total Tease mascara a try? Also, I’d love to get feedback from you guys on how I do review. What do you look for when you read a review post? What do you like and don’t like?

Good luck,



  1. July 10, 2017 / 9:32 pm

    OOOOMMG! I totally want this! It looks really amazing! It’s just CoverGirl isn’t available at our place 🙁 what a shame. I would definitely buy this if I see one! Nice review Jolie 🙂

    Homed: Life in Sugar & Spice

    • Jolie
      July 11, 2017 / 12:47 am

      What a shame! The Total Tease mascara works really well on Asian lashes. You should get it whenever you have a chance.

  2. Kay
    July 12, 2017 / 4:33 am

    Oh wow, I am totally sold after reading this review, the photos speak for themselves! 🙂 I have actually never tried a CoverGirl mascara before (I usually stick to the same one or two), but I’d love to check it out, it really seems to make a huge difference, which is awesome! Thank you for sharing, lovely. xoxo


    • Jolie
      July 12, 2017 / 2:29 pm

      Hey Kay, always nice to have you here!
      I’m also the type of girl who stick with one mascara forever so me loving a new mascara is a big deal. You definitely should check it out. Glad you find this helpful!

  3. Gemmaetc
    July 27, 2017 / 7:25 pm

    I’m dying to try this as it looks so unique xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc. ❤️

    • Jolie
      July 28, 2017 / 4:01 pm

      I hope you love it as much as I do!