Bullet Journal Setup: September 2017

Bullet Journal Setup September 2017

August is ending in just a few days, which means it’s time for another Bullet Journal Setup post. If you want to see how my August bullet journal looks like, check it out right HERE. For the month of September, I decided to go with the gems theme and used purple as my main color. As always, I had so much fun setting up my bullet journal and I couldn’t wait to share with y’all.

Bullet Journal Setup September 2017 - Title page

Cover Page

Like what I did with the cover page of August, for this month’s cover page, once again, I doodled the word “September” and some gems on a separate piece of white paper, cut them out and glued them on my journal. I love the effect that it gives; It simply adds some texture and fun to the page.

Bullet Journal Setup September 2017 - Calendar

Monthly Overview

For monthly overviews, I usually prefer the list layout. Therefore, using a typical monthly calendar like this one is something new for me. There wasn’t any specific reason why I switched. I just thought I could try something different for the month of September, so we’ll see how this layout works for me.

I utilized the leftover space on the left side for my monthly goals and wrote “Let’s Shine!” for motivation. Also, I added some sparkling gems to keep the theme consistent.

Bullet Journal Setup September 2017 - Tracker


I decided to get rid of the habit tracker because I didn’t really keep up with it in August. Recently, I got a new job so, instead of having a page to track habits, I replaced it with work tracker where I track all of my work tasks and deadlines. One of many things I love about bullet journaling is that you never have to commit with anything. If there is something you don’t like or doesn’t work out for you, you can just change it.

On the right page is my Sleep Tracker.

Bullet Journal Setup September 2017 - Sleep Tracker

Sleep Tracker

Bullet Journal Setup September 2017 - Weekly Spread

Weekly Spread

And lastly, my weekly spread. It’s pretty similar to August’s weekly spread because I find that this layout works best for me.

That’s all for my bullet journal setup for the month of September. Don’t forget to check out my other social media handles and comment down below which theme you are using for September.


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