10 Sweets & Desserts Bullet Journal Themes You’ll Want to Try

I have a sweet tooth. I love sweet treats and desserts to-the-infinity-and-beyond, and I’m sure a lot of you do, too! Last time, I posted an entry about my macarons themed January setup and many of you seem to really enjoy it. Because of that, today I decided to compile a list of 10 Sweets and Desserts Bullet Journal Themes to give you more ideas and inspirations. These themes are all so adorable yet quite easy to recreate.

1. Sweet Treats by PaperMango
2. Ice Cream by Ann Le
3. Pie Theme by Margaret from Seventeen
4. Ice Cream by Pudding T
5. Gingerbread Cookies by christina77star
6. Strawberry Yogurt by Kalliopi Lyviaki
7. Birthday Cake by With Amie Watee
8. Ice Cream Cats by The Modest Cat
9. Octopus Ice Cream by Inprint
10. Macarons by me 😀
Plan with Me - 2019 January Bullet Journal Setup

Shameless self-promoting right here! But I really want you to go see my Macarons Bullet Journal Setup for January because I really love it. The macarons are so easy to draw yet they add a cute touch to the pages.

For even more ideas and inspirations, you can watch my Sweets & Desserts Doodles video to learn how to draw different sweet treats and use them in your own bullet journal.

What do you think about these themes? Cute, aren’t they? Are you planning to recreate them in your bullet journal setup? If you have any bullet journal theme you want to share, don’t for get to leave it in the comment section. I might feature it in my next post.

Until next time,