October 2019 Bullet Journal Setup

Hello, everyone! Welcome to another Plan With Me – Bullet Journal Setup post. October is almost here so, today, I’m sharing with you my October 2019 Bullet Journal Setup.

My setup for October is very simple; I don’t really have a specific theme. I used the Zebra Mildliner Dual Brush Pens in Magenta and Brown to keep everything consistent through the setup.

October Bullet Journal Setup

First, let’s look at Cover Page. It’s very simple, isn’t it? October’s cover page was inspired by this lettering style I did a while ago.

Next, as usual, I have the Monthly Overview. I decided to try something different from what I always did. I set up a regular monthly calendar on the top half of the page. Because each of the squares is small, I will note each event with a symbol such as a heart, a star, a circle or a square. Then I’ll decode what the event is in the Event section underneath the calendar.

October Bullet Journal Setup

Flipping the page, we’ll come to the Sleep Log and the Habit Tracker. In my October Bullet Journal Setup, the sleep log page looks really plain at first. However, it’ll be more colorful once I start logging my sleep hours using the Zebra Mildliner Dual Brush Pens in Magenta and Brown.

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As for the habit tracker, I’ve been using the same layout for quite a while now. This layout is time-consuming because I have to set up multiple calendars and write out all the numbers. However, it works perfectly for me so I don’t mind doing the work.

October Bullet Journal Setup

The last two spreads I want to share with you in my October Bullet Journal Setup is the Instagram Planner and the Expectation Page.

The Instagram Planner is inspired by Jess from Jashiicorrin. I’ve been including an Instagram planner in my monthly overview for the past few months. This month, I decided to dedicate a separate page for it as I really want to focus on growing my Instagram account and create quality content for it.

The first column from the left is the date of the month. The next column is the checklist for Photograph, Edit, and Schedule. The biggest column is for the actual content. And the last two columns are for me to document when I post the photo and the engagement I get after a week. This will help me figure out when is the best time to post my photos.

Inspired by Anna from Journal.Away, I set up the Expectation Page to write down what I’m planning to do/accomplish in October and what I actually did. I usually have a lot of things and ideas I want to do at the beginning of the month and often forget as the month goes by. I don’t think the monthly overview or goals section is the right place for these plans so I want to try out the Expectation Page. I will update you on how the page works for me.

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If you read all the way to this point, thank you and I hope you can find some inspirations or helpful information from this post. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Youtube so we can talk more. See you next time!