October Bullet Journal Theme & Cover Page Ideas

October Bullet Journal Setup

In this post, I will share with you a few October bullet journal ideas.

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When speaking of October, many of us will think about Halloween or pumpkins. And while there is nothing wrong with doing a Halloween-related theme every year, it’s possible that you might think it’s too repetitive. Well, if you’re feeling like this, then you are in luck. I’ve combined a list of multiple different October bullet journal ideas for you to choose from.

What are Bullet Journal Themes?

A bullet journal theme is a design you choose to replicate and repeat throughout all the spreads of any particular month. This design can be objects, colors, seasons, book titles, movies, and more.

For example, if you choose avocado as your theme of the month, you might decide to doodle avocados and use the color green and brown in all of your spreads.

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October Bullet Journal Ideas

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October Cover Page Printables

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