Hi there!
I’m Jolie, the girl behind Joliecious.

Welcome to my little corner on the Internet!

If you’re a beauty enthusiast who loves affordable makeup and beauty products, with an occasional splurge on the high-end, you are in the right place.

Joliecious is a blog that mostly revolves around the beauty world. On Joliecious, you’ll find product reviews, swatches, makeup inspiration and nail ideas. I believe how much you pay doesn’t really mean anything. The important factors¬†are the right product, right usage, and some skills. Therefore, here on Joliecious, I focus more on recommending and using affordable makeup and beauty products in my posts, although you’ll still find some high-end product reviews from time to time.

Besides the beauty world, a part of Joliecious is dedicated to Bullet Journal. When I was in college, I wanted to find a planning system that wasn’t too structured or restricted to help me stay organized and keep my life in place. I stumbled upon Bullet Journal and am in love with it ever since. The first monthly set up I shared was August 2017, one year after I started bullet journaling, which was inspired by Amanda Rach Lee. Since then, I’ve been posting my monthly setups in hope of sparking some ideas and inspiration in my readers.

Joliecious is where I document and share everything that I love after all.

More About Me:

Born and raised in Vietnam, I’m now based in Northern California. I studied Media in college and started Joliecious in 2015, first, as an outlet for my creativity and obsession for the beauty world, and second, as a platform to practice and apply I learned in school.

If I’m not messing around with makeup or checking out makeup tutorials on Youtube, you’ll find me chilling on my bed and watching Korean dramas or stalking my bias on Instagram :))

Joliecious has grown from nothing to one important part of my life. I hope it will inspire you, maybe give you some good tips or sweep away your boredom even just for a moment.

For sponsorships, business inquiries and collaborations, email me at jolie@joliecious.com