10 Instagram Worthy Weekly Spread Ideas for your Bullet Journal

instagram worthy weekly spread ideas - joliecious

One of the best things about bullet journal is that you can customize it to your own liking and need. As a bullet journaller, I’m always looking for different weekly spread ideas and inspiration to change up my weekly layouts. My weeks are not always the same. Sometimes, I just need a simple to-do list for the whole week. For a busy week, my weekly layout can take up 2 to 3 pages.

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May 2018 Bullet Journal Setup + Free Printable

Plan with me May 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

Welcome to my May 2018 Bullet Journal Setup. Bullet Journal monthly setup is one of my favorite types of blog post to do because I’m always very excited to share with you how I set up my bullet journal for the new month. For the month of May, I didn’t choose any particular theme like I did for April and March. Instead, I picked orange as my accent color throughout the month to kind of tie everything together. Like always, I hope this May 2018 Bullet Journal Setup can give you some inspiration and spark new ideas that you can use for your own setup.  View Post

Blue and Yellow Makeup Tutorial

Bold color makeup tutorial | Blue and yellow makeup | Easy makeup tutorial for beginner | BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil palette

Today, I’m sharing with you the easy Blue and Yellow makeup tutorial, featuring the BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil palette. Lately, I’ve been reaching for the Take Me Back to Brazil palette to do my eye makeup because I’m trying to steer away from the safe colors such as bronze, brown, light pink or peachy orange. The Take Me Back to Brazil palette from BH Cosmetics has a lot of vibrant and bold shades (see the swatches here) that allow me to experiment with different makeup looks.

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Spring Makeup Tutorial: Cherry Blossom Makeup

Spring Makeup Cherry Blossom Makeup Tutorial | BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil Palette

It has been a hot minute since the last time I posted a makeup tutorial on my blog. Today, I present to you the Cherry Blossom makeup featuring the different shades of pink from the BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil palette.

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April 2018 Bullet Journal Setup + Free Habit Tracker Printable

plan with me april 2018 bullet journal setup

When I was losing my motivation and feeling frustrated with my own situation, someone told me that even a slow snail will make it to its destination eventually. Sometimes in life, whatever you plan doesn’t happen the way you planned it; what you wish to achieve doesn’t come as quickly as you want it to…but that’s okay! My April 2018 Bullet Journal Setup is a reminder to myself that I need to slow down and take one step at a time. If I put all of my efforts into doing the right things, what I want will eventually happen. The theme I chose for April 2018 Bullet Journal Setup is snail: slow but steady.

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March 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

plan with me bullet journal march 2018

The last few days of February was pretty tough. I even thought about skipping March 2018 Bullet Journal Setup, but I’m glad I made myself sit down and spent some time to set up this month. It allowed me to escape the reality for a little while and cleared up my mind. I know this post is a little late, giving that it’s already the fourth day of March, I hope it can still be useful and inspirational for those who haven’t set up their March bullet journal.

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