October 2018 Bullet Journal Setup + Free Printables

Guess what?! It’s time for the October 2018 Bullet Journal Setup.

I feel ultra-productive this month because I set up my bullet journal early and have this post up a week before October arrives. I’m usually late with my Monthly Bullet Journal Setup, but I’m trying to do better!

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September 2018 Bullet Journal Setup


Hi again! Welcome to my September 2018 Bullet Journal Setup.

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Pinterest Strategy for New Blogger: Pinterest Group Boards

pinterest stratergy group boards monthly viewers

If you are a blogger or an online business owner of any types, I hope you’ve heard of Pinterest, or better yet, used Pinterest. When I first started blogging, I paid little to no attention to Pinterest, because I didn’t see how it could help drive traffic to my blog. I was too busy trying to find the right hashtag for my Instagram, or fit what I wanted to say in 280 characters on Twitter. But as soon as I realized how powerful Pinterest is and how it can help my blog traffic, I pour my energy into researching the platform and optimizing my Pinterest account.

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August 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

august 2018 bullet journal set up plan with me

I had planned to have this post up sooner so many of you can use it for inspirations in your own bullet journal, but you know, life happens. Better late than never! Here is my August 2018 Bullet Journal Setup.

I feel very special sharing this month setup because August marks exactly 1 year since I started to share my monthly bullet journal setups with the world. Though I did miss November and December of 2017 (again, life happens) but still. To me, that’s a milestone! I’m sincerely grateful for all the love and support from you guys. Every time I receive feedback from you on my work, it motivates me to do the next.

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July 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

july 2018 bullet journal setup plan with me

Besides the bloody hot weather here where I live, I’d say June treated me quite nicely. All the troubles of the past months were settled down. My mind is free and I can finally think about vacations! And my ideal summer vacation has got to include the sandy beach and the salty smell in the air.

You probably could have guessed by now that my theme for July 2018 Bullet Journal Setup is the ocean. Ocean or under-the-sea is a classic summer theme for bullet journal setup but it definitely will never grow old. Am I right?

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June 2018 Bullet Journal Setup + Free Printable

june 2018 bullet journal setup plan with me

Hello, and welcome back to another plan with me – June 2018 bullet journal setup post.

I seriously don’t know where May has gone, but I’m very excited that June is here, aka summer has officially started. And to mark the arrival of summer, I think the most suited theme for June 2018 bullet journal setup is ice-cream. Don’t you agree? With that being said, here I am, with six summery refreshing new pages to share with you.

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